Asylum Clear Plastic Speculum 2-pack

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asylum medical fetish gearThe Asylum line provides you with everything you need to have a proper medical scene.

The Asylum Speculum is an essential item to have when you're engaging in a medical scene with your partner(s). This great kit comes with two sanitized bivalve specula (that's speculum in the plural) for intense role play. The speculum is easy to use, squeeze the handles to open it up and simply thumb the trigger to release the beautifully rounded, smooth edged blades.

The plastic Asylum Speculum has 3.5 insertable inches and each of the two you receive come sanitized and in its own sealed bag. Take your medical play to the next level with these affordable, body safe instruments. You'll find that they'll give you some extra intensity to your play and all participants will find these Asylum Specula extremely useful for medical role play and the addition of elements of humiliation play - enjoy!

* Includes two sanitized, bivalved specula for role play
* Provides visual access to the perineal region
* Squeeze handles to open speculum
* Thumb trigger releases blades
* Rounded, smooth edges
* 3.5 insertable inch (8.9 cm) plastic speculum
* Each sanitized, disposable speculum comes in its own sealed bag
* Material: Plastic
* Includes: 2 disposable plastic specula