Bijoux de Nip Blue Jeweled Pendant Tweezer Style Nipple Clamp Swag

MSRP: $35.00
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bijoux de nip nipple accessoriesIndulge your partner and excite your senses with luxurious jeweled nipple swag from Bijoux De Nip.

These lavish swag style clamps feature Stunning black and blue beads set-off a gorgeous teardrop shaped glass pendant in opaque blue. Smoldering black tweezer clamps complete the look. Our most decadent & luxurious line, Bijoux de Nip is our line of exquisite convertible nipple clamps. These clamps are beautifully constructed from semi-precious stones and high quality metals. Because each piece is hand made, there will never be two exact clamps; which means a one of a kind look for a one of a kind lady. The sturdy clamps are fully adjustable and are available in several styles and colors.

Color: Blue, Black
Materials: Metal, stone, beads
Measurements: 11 inch x 1 inch
Weight: 4 oz
Additional Information: Exotic beads and jewel pendant, Vibrant colors, Fully adjustable clamps, Easily converts to earrings with included hooks, Sturdy hardware