Bijoux Indiscrets Les Petit BonBons Striptease Greatest Hits CD

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bijoux-indescrits-logoLet the music play! This package contains everything for a performance he will never forget. Music CD inspired by the sexiest cinematic moments to date, and the tickets of desire to reward your movements and inspire more.

A five song CD to inspire the Stripteuse in all of us, plus a few bills are ALL you need for the perfect striptease!

Songs include:
You Can Leave Your Hat (From 9 1/2 Weeks) - R. Newman
Basic Instinct - Jerry Goldsmith
Sweet Dreams - Annie Lenox
Last Tango in Paris - (from Last Tango in Paris)-Gato Barbieri
Je T'Amie Moi Non Plus - Serge Gainsburg

The Les Petit BonBon is a 12 piece collection of sweet little treats from Bijoux Indiscrets will delight your senses as you tease, please and play. We (and our customers) have all fallen in love with these petit treasures with even more petit prices! The line ranges innocent to a bit more naughty. Perfect for romantic add-ons or for combining into a customized gift kit!

Content:Includes 5 Songs, Mini CD measures 3” Diameter