Cal Exotics Precision Pump Advanced 2 Penis Pump System with Gauge

MSRP: $159.99
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cal exotics sex toys and accessoriesReach your size potential easier and impress your lover, or use solo for the ultimate in pleasure.

The fully featured Precision Pump Advanced 2 from Cal Exotics is one of the most powerful pump we have ever tested and will compete with any of our top line penis pumps, our customer feedback is hard to argue with. This high-end penis enhancer comes with a flanged seamless clear PolyCarbonate vacuum cylinder, a professional grade vacuum hand pump with pressure gauge and quick-release hose system. The flanged base of the clear cylinder allows it to make a secure vacuum seal and allows you to get the most growth out of your sessions. This cylinder has an internal diameter of 2.75 inches with about 8.5 inches of internal length so it will fit most guys with no issue. This hefty pump is a professional grade vacuum-style pump that maximizes your girth and length by increasing blood flow and pressure to your penis.

Just slip your cock through the silicone donut and into the cylinder, then use the simple trigger system to pump up the pressure to your limit. To maintain the strongest seal for the best pumping experience use a high quality gel lubricant and it also helps to keep pubic hair shaved around the base of the shaft. When you’re ready to wrap up, a pressure release valve on the pump lets the air out of the cylinder immediately. A professional vacuum pressure gauge lets you keep track of how much pressure you’re using to expand your erection. The seamless, comfortable, and clear PolyCarbonate vacuum cylinder uses universal incremental measurements to let you track your gains during your pumping sessions. Your pump also features a flexible, non-crimping air hose that makes pumping in any position easy and comfortable. You can even remove the air hose without losing suction on your rod. The tapered, removable silicone donut makes your pleasure soar while ensuring an airtight seal and a silky-smooth feel. The hand pump has has padded EZ-grip metal handles for comfort during pumping and a flexible removable air hose that detaches while maintaining suction in the cylinder.

What man doesn't want a harder, longer-lasting erection? This Precision Pump Advanced system gives you just that: quickly, easily and effectively. With a tapered removable Silicone secure fit donut you will be sporting a more impressive erection in just minutes.  Made of phthalate-free PS Polycarbonate that's durable and sensual, this Precision Line of toys are body safe and a great choice for beginner and experienced pumpers alike. Just add the Precision Silicone Pumper Lubricant and have a wet n wild time. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try theToy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Clear, Black
Materials: PolyCarbonate(cylinder) Phthalate-Free PVC (hose) Silicone (donut) PU (handle grips) ABS (pump release button, disconnect valve) Copper and Silicone (handle, release button) Iron (handle) Iron and Copper (gauge) Iron and POM (disconnect lever)
Length: 9.5 inch
Insertable Length: 8.5 inch
Width: 3.25 inch(overall), 2.75 inch(cylinder)
Powered By: Padded EZ-grip metal handle Hand Pump with professional grade pressure gauge 
Weight: 25 oz
Additional Information: professional grade vacuum hand pump with pressure gauge, quick-release hose pressure system, flanged seamless clear PolyCarbonate vacuum cylinder, universal incremental measurements, Phthalate Free, waterproof, body-safe