Coco de Mer Pure Delight Orgasm Enhancing Balm .7 oz

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Unveil a world of luxurious eroticism with beautiful, pleasurable, and memorable pieces from Coco de Mer of London by LoveHoneyIntensify your orgasms and heighten arousal with Coco de Mer's menthol-infused orgasm balm.

Reach the highest pinnacles of pleasure with the Coco de Mer Pure Delight Orgasm Enhancing Balm, a stimulating balm infused with the finest nourishing essential oils (including sweet almond, avocado, and shea butter) with mint extract, the formula boosts circulation for increased sensations. By increasing circulation to the most erotic areas of your body, this sleek solution heightens your sensitivity to amplify your climaxes time and time again. Made with many homeopathic extracts that are proven to increase arousal, including sweet almond oil, shea butter, and avocado oil, Pure Delight is the perfect partner to pleasure, whether you indulge alone or with your lover. 

To help you experience more mind-blowing climaxes, just dab a little of the balm to the clitoris a few moments before play to experience a sensual tingling sensation that can lead to intensified orgasms and greater sensation. It lasts around 15-20 minutes depending on how much you use, your results may vary. If you want the sensations to last longer just rub a little more of the sexy balm on. This orgasm balm is translucent in appearance and has a lovely smooth texture. The .7 oz pot of Pure Delight Orgasm Balm is also discreet and the ideal size for travel.

The Pure Delight comes in a vintage patterned box with a brown cardboard sleeve slid over the top. Pleasure is redefined with the Coco de Mer Pleasure Collection, a range of indulgent products carefully crafted to let you explore your erotic imagination. Unveil a world of luxurious eroticism with beautiful, pleasurable, and memorable pieces. Explore your carnal desires with luxury collection of carefully crafted and decadent erotica from Coco de Mer of London.

Color: Cocoa Brown
Materials: Body-safe
Weight: 20 gr or .7 oz
Additional Information: body-safe, Contains glycerin