Evolved Novelties Ntimate OTC Rejuvinate Firming Elixir for Women 30mL

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evolved novelties sex toys and accessoriesNaturally tightens your most intimate areas.

Rejuvenate your most intimate areas with this body safe spray that gives you satisfying results. Use over time for long-term tightening and rejuvenation, rekindling your passion for greater sexual intimacy. Revitalize your sex life! Typical results can occur in about 60 seconds, You simply spray 13-15 sprays inside vagina, then gradually pull out so the last few sprays are around the entrance of the vagina. Continued use provides lasting effects, use consecutively for two days, then twice a week for maximum results. There is a long vaginal nozzle for easy, safe and hygienic application. All natural ingredients with no preservatives that cleanses, deodorizes and refreshes vagina while it increases intensity of G spot stimulation.

Ingredients: Body-safe
Size: 30 mL or 1 oz

Evolved Novelties has been creating exceptionally high quality, truly unique massagers since its inception in 2006. Our award-winning designs, packaging and packaging strategies emphasize ingenuity and style, and we take pride in crafting each new line to inspire women and couples to reach new heights of intimacy and pleasure. Clean lines, elegant shapes and playful colors are paired with European standard high-speed multifunction motors that offer unparalleled choice in variety of play.

Evolved massagers are manufactured from the highest quality, safest, non-toxic Phthalate-free and latex-free materials available and are 100% Waterproof. Evolved Novelties also offers the strongest warranty in the industry, and adheres to the highest standard for product testing in the market.