Loob Lube Premium H2O Water-based Personal Lubricant 5 oz

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loob lube high quality personal lubricantLoob Lube H2O is a water based personal lubricant which when combined with the Bodies natural lubricant the mix becomes a chemical romance.

Committed to bringing back smiles, one lube at a time, Loob Lube is a new type of loobricant that's sure to bring back the fresh, fun and playfulness into your lifestyle. The Loob Lube Premium H2O Water-based Personal Lubricant comes in a nice glass bottle with a convenient squirt top for quick access when you need it while still being discreet. Our belief is that love owns our body so when Loob Lube H2O, designed with love in mind, is combined with your bodies natural lubricant the mixture is truly marvelous. loob lube love owns our bodyAnd because of the care we have taken in using only the highest quality plant-base glycerin to formulate Loob Lube H2O , you will experience a truly delectable glide. Which also means when it’s time to tidy up there will be no stick or tacky residue. And if toys are a part of your playtime Loob Lube H20 is a great companion safe with any material. The Loob Lube H20 is available in a 2.7 oz and 5 oz size as well as a Silicone formula. Made with love in the USA!

Loob Lube Silk and H2O products are produced in the USA and are FDA-approved, using the finest silicone and plant based glycerin. Loob Lube packaging has a boutique look that merges fun and fashion, Loob Lube is made to the perfect texture, not too thin or too thick , without a tacky or sticky feel. Loob Lube was created to remind us that that Love Owns Our Body, and will be confidently sold wherever love is felt.

Features: fragrance-free, silky smooth, cleans with water just rinse & wipe off
Size: 5 oz

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