Lovelanders I Want Sex Me Too Standard Size Pillow Case Set

MSRP: $45.99
(You save $15.00 )

lovelanders luxury accessories from Paris FranceWhat do you fancy today?

When there is rapport, words are superfluous. Make your intentions clear from the beginning and save yourself an explanation and/or earn yourself an orgasm. This sexy, flirty set includes two standard sized pillowcases that have 4 different phrases for alternating sayings depending on your mood. One pillow case says I Want Sex and I Want to Sleep with the other Pillow Case saying Me Too and I Don't.

Color: White, Multi-colored
Materials: 100% Polyester
Length: 30 inch(Standard Size)
Width: 20 inch(Standard Size)
Weight: 20 oz
Additional Information: 2 Standard Pillow Cases, Soft, Breathable Material is Easy to Clean, Machine Washable, Phthalate Free, body-safe