Bachelorette Party Favors Party Pecker Beer Bong

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bachelorette party favors by PipedreamsA classic party starter from Pipedream's extremely well-stocked line of Bachelorette Party must-haves, the Pecker Beer Bong combines a big pink funnel with a long hose tipped by a hilarious pecker mouthpiece.

Simply attach the 38 inch long hose to the end of the funnel, pass the Pecker to the first lady up, and pour in the booze (or virgin equivalent). The Beer Bong disassembles completely for easy cleaning, likewise, the mouthpiece slides quickly off the hose end for a wipe between uses. Why not chug your beer through a penis shaped beer bong... Perfect for any girls night out bachelorette party birthday part or just because.

Materials: Plastic