ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius E-Stim Electro Prostate Massager


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electrastim electrosex gearIntensify the pleasure you experience during masturbation, foreplay and sex and deepen your sexual satisfaction with the ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Prostate Massager.
Developed especially for his pleasure, the Sirius E-Stim Electro Prostate Massager is designed to stimulate his prostate and lavish his anal pleasure zones with powerfully orgasmic sensations. This tried-and-tested male sex toy serves up a unique and addictive sexual experience that could lead you to a hands-free orgasm (HFO). Rock your body against Sirius' 4-inch length while the perineum stimulator teases your sensitive sweet spot with its expertise. Surrender to sensation as Sirius causes your ass to sensually throb and clench, nudging the curvaceous tip against your P-spot with faultless rhythm. Use Sirius with a dual-channel stimulator and enliven the four quadri-polar contacts with electrosex tingles. Use Sirius with a single-channel stimulator and choose to enliven any two contacts, focusing stimulation to either side of the shaft or either side of the perineum massager.
ElectraStim specializes in making specialty E-stim products with pleasure in mind first and foremost. With a wide range of different electrosex toys that cater to both the entire gender and sexual preference spectrums, it’s no wonder why their products have earned them several notable awards. Using one of ElectraStim’s Stimulation packs such as the Sensavox EM140 or Flick Duo, simply plug in one of their attachments and commence playtime with your partner(s), or by yourself. From playing out a sexy Sci-Fi scene using the Ovid Electro G-Spot Dildo or the Nona G-Spot Electro Probe, to pleasuring yourself with the Jack Socket Stroker or the Silicone Noir Sirius E-Stim Electro Prostate Massager, ElectraStim gives you the necessary tools for explosive electro-erotic scenes.

Crafted from platinum-cured medical-grade silicone, Sirius is beautifully smooth to the touch and has a squeezable density to improve comfort and amplify your excitement during play. The Shape and Play design allows you to angle the tip, shaft and perineum stimulator for a tailored fit against your erogenous zones. Feel the tip stroke and nudge your prostate with every pulsation, pushing your sexual satisfaction to incredible new heights.

The ElectraStim line of e-stim toys are ade of 100% medical-grade platinum silicone which makes them not only completely hygienic and safe to use with your favorite Water Based Lubricant. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys. Comfort, style and pleasure are all rolled into one!

Color: Black
Materials: 100 % medical grade platinum silicone
Length: 5 inch
Insertable Length: 4 inch
Width: 1.3 inch with a circumference of 4 inch
Electrode Type: Quadri-polar for internal and external stimulation - takes 4x 2mm pin connectors. 1x Silicone Noir Sirius electrode is included in each pack. You will need to connect Sirius to an ElectraStim stimulator to feel the sensations described.
Weight: 5 oz
Additional Information: quadri-polar, Body-safe, p-spot curved, phthalate free, pvc-free, Water Based Lubricant Recommended, waterproof, 24 month warranty

About Electrastim

ElectraStim Stimulators are some of the highest-spec electro play units made especially for EES, and they're put together by us right here in the UK. We've used specialist tech and innovative ideas to create a range of electro sex toys to improve masturbation, foreplay and sex - regardless of your gender, relationship status, sexuality or sexual preferences.