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Pipedream Extreme Toyz Mega Grip Vibrating Mouth Stroker Squeezable Masturbator

MSRP: $108.00
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Pipedream Extreme ToyzGet the perfect grip on your next stroking session with this incredible squeezable stroker!

Experience the tightest, softest, most realistic masturbator on the market with the Mega Grip Squeezable Vibrating Oral Stroker. Made from our ultra-lifelike Fanta Flesh and encased in sturdy ABS plastic, this vibrating stroker features a soft TPU outside midsection that allows you to squeeze the textured sleeve and precisely control the pressure. Press the button on the powerful motor and enjoy 10 patterns of tingly vibrations that travel all the way up your shaft.

Slide into the super-soft Fanta Flesh Oral insert that has 6 inches of insertable depth and enjoy intense stimulation, lifelike sensations, and explosive climaxes. The tunnel of the realistic sleeve is lined with canals, ribs, and tiny love nodules that tease and surround your cock with each stroke. The super-soft Fanta Flesh is velvety smooth on the inside, wraps around you like a second skin, and warms to your body heat. You can cycle through 10 intense patterns of pulsations and vibrations as the powerful motor delivers incredible thrills. The tingly vibrations travel all the way up your shaft for mind-blowing sensations and explosive climaxes! Best of all, the removable Fanta Flesh sleeve doubles as a handheld stroker for incredible non-vibrating thrills.

The Fanta Flesh Stimulation Sleeve is removable with a supple texture that mimics the feel and warmth of real skin. This proprietary formula is phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe, and can be used in confidence with water based lubes. The intricate labyrinth of ribs, flaps, nooks, and nodules delivers incredible sensations and strong suction with each squeeze. The soft TPU midsection allows you to squeeze the textured sleeve and precisely control the pressure and increase the suction. You get the tightest, most realistic vibrating masturbator on the market with the perfect squeeze every time!

Made from phthalate-free TPR that is body-safe with a realistic feel. It is suggested that you use your favorite quality water based lubricant to keep the party going all night. To clean the Mega Grip, remove the Fanta Flesh sleeve from the plastic casing and use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner and warm water. To restore your Fanta Flesh to its original softness and bring it back to life, use Fanta Flesh Revive Powder all over the stroker, including the inside of the masturbator. Battery Replacement Unscrew (counter-clockwise) the vibrating motor from the bottom of the stroker’s main body to access the battery compartment and replace the 2 AAA Batteries.

Color: Flesh, Red, Black
Material: FantaFlesh: Phthalate-free TPR(ThermoPlastic Rubber), TPU
Length: 9.25 inches
Depth: 6 inch for Mouth Entry
Width: 3.5 inches. 5 inch opening
Weight: 18
Powered By: 2 AAA Batteries (Buy Your Batteries Now)
Note: 10 intense patterns of pulsations and vibrations, squeezable for increased sensations, lined with canals, ribs, and tiny love nodules, realistic inviting mouth, removable sleeve doubles as a handheld stroker, heavy weight, Phthalate free, includes 1 ounce Moist Lubricant, 1 ounce Toy Cleaner, Fanta-Flesh Revive Powder

The Pipedream Extreme Toyz is a comprehensive collection features masturbators for every taste and every price point, exploring extreme niches and daring to go where no other sex toy manufacturers will go. From catchy titles and uniform packaging, to innovative designs, this cutting-edge collection continues to raise the bar for lifelike masturbators and strokers.

Not all masturbators are created equal! Pipedream Extreme Toyz's exclusive Fanta Flesh material is a proprietary blend of TPR and TPE that mimics the look and feel of real skin. The velvety- soft Fanta Flesh warms to the touch and feels even better than the real thing! Every lifelike detail of the human body is molded and sculpted in ultra-realistic detail, creating the best alternative to a real partner. The entire Pipedream Extreme Toyz collection of masturbators and strokers are phthalate-free, body-safe, and includes free lube and toy cleaner in every box.