Folsom Electro Prod

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Shockingly Fun Electro Prod

Electric Prods are an advanced electrical toy. Prods are unipolar products so they must be used with another toy which is in contact with the body. The tip of the prod is reversible. One end of the tip is dull and is useful once a sweat has been worked up. The other end of the tip is rather sharp, which makes it useful to penetrate clothing (even denim) or even the outer surface of dry skin.

CAREFUL: Only slight pressure is required to penetrate the very thin surface layer of skin to feel the electrical contact. Be very gentle with this toy, its very small surface area which contacts the body can make it an intense device.

Compatibility: This product works directly with folsom units. This product is compatible with Rimba units when you purchase the AE100 pins to banana adapter (sold separately). If you would like to use this product with our Digital Power Box (VF170-Unit), just use the snapper adapters to connect.