Asylum Patient Restraint Kit

MSRP: $21.00
(You save $2.10 )

asylum medical fetish gearWhen restraint is a must!

The Asylum Patient Restraint Kit comes with nylon rope, waffle ball gag, and blindfold to support a different act for your sexual play. The nylon ropes extend up to 10 feet that can be used to tie the arms or ankles of your partner. On the other hand, the waffle ball gag comes with an elastic Velcro strap. With this feature, this one can be used by anyone regardless of sizes. The ball in this gag can help your partner maintain an open jaw all throughout the activity.

The blindfold also comes in an elastic Velcro strap for the same purpose. It also helps to keep the blindfold secured in place. Each piece in the kit comes in white to complete the patient or medical fetish of the one being restrained.

Color: White
Material: Nylon
Length: 10 feet(rope)
Weight: 8 oz
Notes:Uses a Velcro closure to keep your partner nice and secure, rope to use in mant ways