Eye of Love Pheromone Diffusing Jewelry Silver Two Layer Drop Necklace with Seduce Spray

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eye of love awaken your sensesFeel the power of the earth and sexual attraction with this 2-layer Silver and Lava Rock Drop Pendant Pheromone diffuser Necklace.

The Eye of Love Pheromone Diffusing Jewelry Silver Lava Rock 2-Layer Drop Necklace with Seduce Spray is made with natural Lava Rock and works as a diffuser when sprayed with Eye of Love Pheromones. The set includes a 2ml Seduce Pheromone Parfum Sample. The 14k gold plated jewelry quality chain is 24 inches long with dual ball shaped Lava Rock drop pendants with an 8mm top ball and a 10mm bottom ball. The Seduce fragrance features a deeply penetrating blend of bergamot and woodsy Damascus rose caressed by sweet, sultry jasmine undertones. Seduce him with this deeply penetrating blend of bergamot and woodsy Damascus rose caressed by sweet, sultry jasmine undertones. Apply 1-2 Sprays of the Seduce Pheromone Parfum on the Lava rock Jewelry to activate the attraction. Reapply every 6-8 hours for best effect.

Natural Lava Rock used in the Eye of Love Jewelry is just as powerful as the volcanoes they come from as well as being the most abundant stone on earth with energy stored inside. It works as a fragrance diffuser, blended with Eye of Love pheromones such as the Seduce sample that is included with the necklace. This combination is a powerful force when worn close to your skin around the lower neckline. Lava rock is created when molten stone cools down and solidifies. Lava comes from the core of the earth where a lot of energy comes from. That energy can explode in a volcanic eruption, but it keep sits energetic qualities. The power of the lava rock works best when in close contact with the stone or wear it on your skin, in pieces of jewelry such as the Drop Necklace for instance.

Eye Of Love Has Teamed Up With Dr. Ava Cadell, America’s #1 Loveologist, Author And Global Speaker, To Create Beautiful Jewelry That Can Be Infused With Our High Quality Pheromones. The Eye of Love Jewelry collection all feature lava rock, a black on black ultra cool-looking stone that’s porous, so it soaks in the pheromone-infused perfume well. Lava rock is one of the oldest and most abundant stones that possesses energetic qualities. When sprayed with the pheromones, it acts as a fragrance diffuser that becomes a powerful attracting force. They’re also vegan and never tested on animals! The jewelry is for men and women and comes in silver or gold, with seven pieces to choose from including a pear-shaped pendant necklace, a two-tiered chain necklace with two lava spheres, dog tag necklace and fully beaded bracelets that come in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Independent studies have been conducted at leading universities worldwide, such as Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Chicago and the Karolinska Institute, one of Sweden’s oldest medical schools have shown that pheromones do have a profound effect on human behavior. Consequently, pheromones can help others to see you as more open, attractive, charismatic, and easy to talk to. They can facilitate conversations, interest and create enhanced friendly feelings. So, give yourself the gift of powerful attracting jewelry whether it’s a bracelet or necklace and get an unfair advantage, drawing people to you like bees to honey!

Ingredients: Ethanol, Fragrance, Propane-1,2-diol, Castor oil, Estratetraenol, Edetic acid(parfum); Silver Plated Copper Metal(chain), natural live sourced Lava Rocks(pendant).
Size: .3 oz or 2 mL(parfum), 24 inch(chain), 8mm & 10mm(pendant)

The Eye of Love Love On The Run Seduce Female to Male Pheromone Parfum Spray is specially formulated for those moments when extra touch of romance and male attraction is needed. The Love On The Run Seduce contains a feminine fragrance with high female pheromone delivery to improve everyday experience, for Male attraction and awareness in a handy purse size .34 oz bottle. Pheromones can help you appear more attractive, charismatic, social and more successful to others. Eye of Love provides the highest quality pheromone products for both men and women to enhance your natural sensual and romantic attraction. Whether working, playing, or just being intimate, Eye of Love parfum can help achieve a wearer's desires and awaken the senses. 

"working with people on dating and relationship dynamics for almost 15 years, one of the most important components of attraction they mention is scent. Being attracted to someone’s pheromones can make or break the chemistry in a relationship or even if one ever begins. I was so thrilled when introduced to the Eye of Love products, initially because of the concept combining perfume and pheromones"... Dr. Anne Ridley Clinical Sexologist, Licensed psychotherapist, relationship & Intimacy Expert, and Certified Loveologist