Find Your Inner Sex Goddess Book by Louise Weston

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An Erotic Guide to Sexual Empowerment and Possibility.

What makes a sex goddess? Attitude with a few man-handling skills thrown in. With this erotic guide, you'll learn how to stop worrying, let go of inhibitions, and focus on the lovemaking itself. Tap into the full strength of your female power with advice on everything from boudoir wear, talking dirty, and the full strip to sexual skills, sensational orgasms, and way beyond. Top 10 and Top 20 lists cover foreplay tips, sex positions, and role-play fantasies, and sexy specially commissioned illustrations show it all.

Author: Louise Weston

Publisher: Carlton Books

Binding: Paperback

Length: 240 Pages

Louise Weston has written for British newspapers and magazines for over ten years, and has hosted her own radio phone-in show on sex and relationship issues. She lives near Bath, England, with her husband and two cats.