Sportsheets Sex & Mischief Jeweled Flogger


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sex and mischief fetish gearA sexy, stylized flogger that can be light, tickling and teasing, or stinging and more serous as your play scenario dictates, this long, cat-o nine tails style whip is perfect for naughty couples.

Made from hardy faux leather, the look itself is enough to get you going; a sturdy wood handle providing a precise grip and lots of leverage is wrapped in more faux leather and enhanced with glittery rhinestone detailing, The fall consists of tons of long thin pieces that swish and flick perfectly to mirror your dominating desires. Total length is 28 inches.

Material: Faux Leather
Color: Black
Length: 21 inch(straps), 28 inch(total length)
Weight: 4.8 oz

'Stroke Me, Stroke Me. Stroke after exhilarating stroke, the flogger was brought down upon my yearning and receptive flesh. At times there was almost a musical rhythm to the frenzy, but it seemed every time I had figured out the pattern, the cadence was changed; sometimes very slightly, other times, maddeningly so. Nevertheless, regardless of the unrelenting crack of the whip, I never asked for it to stop. We both knew our parts, and thank heavens, we both relished in our roles. '