The StockRoom Joanna Angel Pinwheel with Leather Sheath aka Wartenburg Wheel

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The StockRoom high quality leather & bondage gearThis classic 6.75 inch long Wartenberg Pinwheel comes in a fetching leather sheath.

One of our most popular sensation play toys, the 1.2 inch wide Wartenberg Pinwheel is great for revving up your partner's engine with tingling, teasing touches that feel amazing everywhere you roll its stimulating pins. The pink leather sheath is cut and stitched in The Stockroom's Los Angeles workshop, and designed to evoke Joanna Angel's signature streak of vibrant punk-pink hair. Made of chrome-plated brass, this Whartenberg wheel is must have for anyone needing to flesh out their kinky arsenal.

Use it to tease and titillate, across the arms or outer leg it's a slightly painful tickle, on the soft inner thighs or nipples it has more of a bite. Run gently across the skin it will give a sensation similar to being cut with a very sharp scalpel or being tattooed. The pain is quick, intense, sharp, and then gone without a trace. These can also be used in Electrosex Electro-stimulation play. See the other Joanna Angel products from the Burning Angel herself, she has everything from this beautiful BDSM gear to dildos and strokers

Color: Pink, Silver
Materials: Leather, Chrome-plated Bass
Length: 6.75 inch(overall), 1.2 inch(pinwheel)
Width: 1.2 inch(pinwheel), .5 inch(handle)
Powered By: You
Weight: 2 oz
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