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Titus Silicone Series Ribbed Butt Plug 3-Pack Anal Training Kit

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titus adult sex toys UKThe luxurious Ribbed Anal Plug Set from Titus delivers fullness and pleasure.

The bulb shaped plug of the Titus Silicone Series Ribbed Butt Plug 3-Pack Anal Training Kit inserts easily into your hole, with your sphincter gripping to the girth, and bringing the plug inside for the plugged 'full' feeling. The expanding and simplifying shape sits naturally in place. As the plug simplifies, three gorgeous ribs sit on it's neck, at the entrance to your anus, waking up the sensitive nerve endings and delivering pleasure as you squeeze and release. The flared base gives extra sensations to your perineum and crack, also allowing the plug to 'rest' comfortably in the groove of your behind.

The small black silicone plug in the Ribbed Butt Plug 3-Pack Anal Training Kit has 3.2 inches of insertable length and tapers from a 1 inch at the tip to 1.6 inch at the middle of the bell back down to a .875 inch wide neck with a 2.75 inch wide flared base for safety. The Medium Plug has 4.1 inches of insertable length that tapers from 1,125 inch at the tip to wider 1.85 inch at the middle of the bell back down to a 1.125 inch wide neck with a 3.25 inch wide flared base. The Largest of the 3 plugs has 5 full inches insertable that starts with a 1.375 inch wide tip, a girthy 2.2 inch wide bell leading to the 1.125 inch wide neck and 3.75 inch wide flared base.

The Titus graduated sized buttplug set features a smooth, classically shaped anal toy made from the best silicone, this set is the perfect trio for beginners or the experienced butt commander since they graduate gently in size from teasing to filling, making for completely customized backdoor play. With this classic plug shape the tapered neck allows your sphincter muscles to hold the plug securely but safely with the flared safety base. The smooth & seamless Silicone Series Ribbed Butt Plug 3-Pack Anal Training Kit are super slick when lubricated making anal play sensational. Barely larger than a finger, the smallest plug gently stretches your anal opening, allowing newcomers to take as much time as needed to this newfound orgasmic journey. 

Made from uniformly matte silicone, the Silicone Anal Trainers increase subtly in size for exciting sensations against the anal walls as you insert the plug, the gentle, but definitely noticeable size change thrills without shocking the anal muscles and sphincter. A long neck with pronounced ribbing just under the largest point helps hold the plug in place during wear, and a wide base fits comfortably between the butt-cheeks, also acting as a safe barrier against too-deep penetration. 

This beautiful tapered anal sex toy is smooth, supple and made from beautifully soft medical-grade silicone, are body safe and a great choice for beginners. Just add your favorite water-based lubricant and have a wet n wild time. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Black
Materials: Silicone
Length: 4 inch(small), 5.25 inch(medium), 6 inch(large)
Insertable Length: 3.2 inch(small), 4.1 inch(medium), 5 inch(large)
Width: Small - 1 inch(tip), 1.59 inch(bell) .875 inch(neck), 2.75 inch(base);  Medium - 1.125 inch(tip), 1.85 inch(bell) 1.125 inch(neck), 3.25 inch(base); Large - 1.375 inch(tip), 2.2 inch(bell) 1.125 inch(neck), 3.75 inch(base);
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Weight: 14 oz
Features: 3 graduated sizes, raised ribbed neck, smooth tip, classic plug shape, harness ready, easy to use, Phthalates free, anchor shaped base