Spencer & Fleetwood Multicolor Candy Female G-String

Spencer & Fleetwood

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authorized retailer spencer & fleetwood adult novelties and giftsSex up the bedroom with this multi-colored delicious naughty G-String treat.

Why wear normal underwear, when you can wear underwear you eat! Tell your lover you are now fat free and delectably delicious! Show your Love. Ladies favorite edible Multicolor Candy Female G-String. Perfect love match to Lover's Candy Bra.

The Spencer & Fleetwood Multicolor Candy Female G-String is one of our hottest selling items. Just like the candy necklace we loved as kids, now grown up to an adult version! Made of an assortment of flavored candy necklace beads, it will keep someone nibbling all night long!

This sweet and sexy Candy Female G-String Panty has an elastic fitting and is made in one size to fit most all. A match to the Candy Bra, this G-String offers approximately 330 fruit-flavored candy beads with long ties that knot easily.

Contents: Sugar confectionery