Extase Le Bebe Sensual Egg Remote Control Vibe Blue

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Le BŽbŽ Sensual Egg

Design Concept: Ê The design concept arises from the French dessert the ÒmacaroonÓ. ItÕs cute and colorful presence is appealing to the eye of female users, its cuddly smoothness is not only appealing to the eye but smooth and cuddly to your touch.

Key Design Principles: Ê With the smooth covering of silicone, the Le Bebe is ergonomically designed to the body but remain itÕs dessert like appeal, blend of plastic and silicone offers visual and physical sensation to its users. The LED indicator gives simple feedback and offers technology and at ease.

Materials: Ê PC, ABS and Silicone
Special Features: Ê Splash Proof
Powered By: Ê Rechargeable Battery
Special Features: Ê Splash Proof, Wireless Remote
Size: Ê 2.5Ó x 1.25Ó x 1Ó