Unbound Cleopatra Peacock Tickler Ring

MSRP: $71.99
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unbound luxury erotic fetish bdsm jewelryPerfect to tempt and tease or just make a statement, this plumed ring is sure to garner all the right kinds of attention.

Inspired by the exotic queen of the Nile Cleopatra, this golden ring with tufted peacock feathers or luxurious faux fur also serves as a tickler suited to drive your lover wild id properly restrained. Regal, seductive and just a bit dangerous the Cleopatra collection is suited to the Unbound woman who knows how to channel her sexuality to get exactly what she wants. If indulged she can bring you otherworldly pleasure, but if crossed her revenge is swift and final like this kiss of the deadly asp. Full of luxurious ornate detailing, these pieces are perfect for any modern day empress.

A contemporary collection uniquely designed to transition from day to night, the Unbound line of unique, fetish accessories function gorgeously as body adornments. In the Unbound world, rings double as massagers, nipple clamps function as earrings, necklaces transform into whips and bangle bracelets restrain a lover as handcuffs. These three lines are inspired by strong, memorable women who remind us that “well-behaved” women rarely make history.

Color: Black, Gold
Materials: Peacock Feathers, Faux Fur Marabou, 24kt Gold Plate over Brass
Ring Size: Womens 6