SpareParts Pete Contoured Briefs Packer Underwear

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spareparts hardwear luxury strap-on gearPack like a Pro, with the UnderWear that's got your back, your front and everything in between! We are proud to introduce you to Pete Contoured BRIEFS, the newest member of the SpareParts HardWear family!

The SpareParts Contoured BRIEFS are men’s contoured pouch briefs, much like the classic cut whitey tidies. The contoured pouch allows the packer to sport a natural bulge even with a small packer. Pete Briefs have a four-inch side, and seamless lines under clothes. Easy to use, versatile and comfortable, they are the ultimate soft packing underwear accomodating a large selection of Packers. Made of lightweight nylon, spandex and jersey, the material draws moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry.

Designed with the same care and quality as the rest of the SpareParts HardWear line, Pete blends in naturally in different environments and provides confidence with its flexible openings while its snug fit holds everything comfortably and securely in place during daily activities. Pete offers the wearer the option of wearing the packer right up against the skin or tucked away with an elastic strap for extra security.

Materials: 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex Jersey

  • Created exclusively for soft packing Works with a wide variety of packer brands, sizes and shapes
  • Hand or machine washable, PETE is fully hygienic and perfect for everyday use
  • Gives you the option to have the ultimate feeling of having your packer directly against your skin for full contact or to fully or partially cover it
  • Gives even a small packer the realistic bulge appearance of a flaccid penis
  • Secure fit, allows you to move freely, with zero fear that your packer will shift, dislodge, or fall out
  • Having an open fly front design, PETE provides easy access, and enables you to use a STP (Stand To Pee) packer naturally and with complete confidence
  • The base of the packer is secured in a separate rear panel
  • Additional elastic strap sewn inside pouch for extra security
  • Made with solid black, soft and sturdy elastic waistbands, tag-less labels, and have a smooth look under clothes

All Pete UnderWear are offered in the following waist sizes:

  • Small: 28" - 30"
  • Medium: 32" - 34"
  • Large: 36" - 38"
  • Extra Large or 1X: 40" - 42"
  • 2X: 44" - 46"
  • 3X: 48" - 50"


It might be the personal preference of some transgender men who want a realistic bulge. This may be personally (even if no one see them, they still might like the feeling and comfort), or publicly (when possibly seen by others in restrooms, gyms, sports, etc). That said, it is important to know that not all transgender men care to pack. It might also appeal to people who enjoy cross-dressing for fun, or be an erotic thrill for gender play.

From a reviewer: This boxer brief harness is a great addition to the collection of any packer. It's solidly constructed and will hold your packer in place and won't let it move around unless you want it to. Wear them with another pair of underwear or wear them as underwear, but feel free to go ahead and wear them everywhere.