​Enjoy Celebrating your Pride!!

Posted by Dallas Novelty on 28th Jun 2023

This month we celebrate all things PRIDE. Here at Dallas Novelty, we enjoy Pride year-round with a focus on June. There are so many fun and exciting new items this year. So, I want to share one with … read more

Sex Toys For Couples

Posted by Top Sex Toys Of 2023 on 18th May 2023

Introduction: In a long-term relationship, maintaining intimacy and keeping the spark alive is essential. Couples often search for ways to explore new dimensions of their connection, and one exciting … read more
The Most Popular Sex Toys Of 2021

The Most Popular Sex Toys Of 2021

Posted by Tiffany Treadmore on 23rd Sep 2021

Popularity isn't everything - but when it comes to sex toys that all changes. When a vibrator, a Fleshlight, or a remote controlled vibe is popular its because - IT WORKS! It makes people orgasm or it … read more
Sex Toys That Are Like Video Games

Sex Toys That Are Like Video Games

Posted by Tiffany Treadmore (AKA HotGirlVideos69) on 10th Sep 2021

When I am not slinging sex toys or attempting to be a Nintendo Leaker on Twitter, I can often be found laying under the covers with my Nintendo Switch, in bed, thrashing baddies and playing pu … read more