Cyrex Ltd ElectraStim Consumables Square 48mm Self-Adhesive ElectraPads Electrode 4-pack


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electrastim electrosex gearA set of ElectraStim Consumables Square 48mm Self-Adhesive ElectraPads Electrodes are an essential part of any electrosex kit.

Versatile in application and sensation, these self-adhesive 2 inch square electrosex ElectraPads Electrodes can be worn anywhere below the waist to improve erotic and sadomasochistic sensations. With power levels lowered they work similarly to a waist toning belt, causing pleasurable tingles and muscle contractions in time with stimulation. Couples can share stimulation by wearing an ElectraStim ElectraPad each, allowing them to experience electrostimulation everywhere they touch. Try sharing EES with your partner when you both wear a pad on a single channel. Not only will you feel sensation through the pads, you’ll also create tingles everywhere you and your lover touch. 

the ElectraPads need to be plugged into an ElectraStim stimulator in order for sensation to be felt. Simply apply a pad to each buttock before a spanking and your sub will feel an electrosex and e-stim buzz alongside each hit. When used with our ElectraStim Flick, every stroke is transformed as stimulation responds to the ferocity of your swing. Turn the power up and ElectraPads make an intense enhancement to BDSM sensory play including flogging and spanking.

ElectraStim specializes in making specialty E-stim products with pleasure in mind first and foremost. With a wide range of different electrosex toys that cater to both the entire gender and sexual preference spectrums, it’s no wonder why their products have earned them several notable awards. Using one of ElectraStim’s Stimulation packs such as the Sensavox EM140 or Flick Duo, simply plug in one of their attachments and commence playtime with your partner(s), or by yourself. From playing out a sexy Sci-Fi scene using the Ovid Electro G-Spot Dildo or the Nona G-Spot Electro Probe, to pleasuring yourself with the Jack Socket Stroker, ElectraStim gives you the necessary tools for explosive electro-erotic scenes. Use some ElectraStim Electro Stimulation Conductive Water-based Gel to improve the clarity and intensity of stimulation.

You can wear ElectraPads anywhere below the waist, so they're incredibly versatile and can be applied directly to the penis or labia for a sensual accentuation to masturbation, foreplay, oral sex and sex. Each ElectraPad can be worn up to 6 times by the same person, so make sure you keep the plastic backing to hand. If the adhesive starts to feel a little dry, simply add a drop of water to refresh it.

Color: Silver, Black
Materials: Fabric and self-adhesive conductive gel
Length: 2 inch
Width: 2 inch
Electrode Type: Uni-polar for external stimulation - takes 1x 2mm pin connector. 4 ElectraPads are included in each pack. You will need to use 2 uni-polar electrodes (such as 2 pads) to complete the circuit. 
Weight: 1 oz
Additional Information: uni-polar, Body-safe, self adhesive, phthalate free, pvc-free, Water Based Lubricant Recommended

About Electrastim

ElectraStim Stimulators are some of the highest-spec electro play units made especially for EES, and they're put together by us right here in the UK. We've used specialist tech and innovative ideas to create a range of electro sex toys to improve masturbation, foreplay and sex - regardless of your gender, relationship status, sexuality or sexual preferences.