ElectraStim EM32-E Adventure Pack with ElectraPads

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electrastim electrosex gearIf you're looking for an economical way to experiment with electroplay then the ElectraStim EM32-E Adventure Kit includes everything you need to get started! Experience the intense thrill of erotic electrostimulation with our best-selling EM32 stimulator and self-adhesive ElectraPads.

The way estim sensations feel is completely unique to this type of sex toy. Creating soft tingles and muscular contractions, they excite all of the nerve endings in contact with the electrode to enhance your pleasure. The included ElectraPads give you a chance to experience those sensations in range of places and a variety of ways so you can find out where you like stimulation the most.

Unlike other beginner units, our set is compatible with all of our current and future ranges of electrodes so you'll never find play limited. We use universal 2mm pins and also sell adaptors so you're able to use other types of electrodes with ElectraStim too. A set of 4 self-adhesive conductive pads are included, each with a uni-polar input. For solo play you should wear 2 pads anywhere below the waist. For couple's play, you and your partner should both wear a pad below the waist, allowing you to share the erotic sensations everywhere you touch.

The pads can be used up to 6 times by the same person and are best placed at the base of his shaft, beneath his glans, on her labia or mons pubis, or simply placed on the thighs. Each pad measures 48mm x 48mm (approximately 2 inches x 2 inches) to cover a larger surface area.

EM32 is a battery-powered stimulator that's big on sensation. We've used intuitive push-button control to make operation instinctive, so you can concentrate entirely on your pleasure. 18 intensity levels take you from a light tingle to a strong prickle, allowing you to tailor the power levels to your liking. 7 stimulation patterns alternate stimulation between a continuous stream to pulsating, throbbing and escalating settings. You'll feel your muscles contract in time with the stimulation setting you use, a sensation that can bring you to climax with no additional body contact required!


  • High quality single-channel stimulator
  • Battery powered
  • Intuitive interface
  • 7 Stimulation patterns
  • 18 Intensity levels
  • Included bi-polar electrode and lubricant
  • Ideal kit for experimenting with internal e-stim - regardless of gender
  • Universal 2mm connection compatible with all of our electrodes
  • High quality manufacturing and finish

Everything you need to get started is included, so you'll be ready to play as soon as the set arrives. Suitable for sharing stimulation with a partner or enjoying solo, the EM32 stimulator can power up to 2 uni-polar or 1 bi-polar electrode at the same time. We've included 4 of our uni-polar ElectraPads to get you started.

Keep your new ElectraStim kit safely stored in the included hard case. Take the easy-peel stickers off it's completely discreet, with a matt black finish and no branding. Foam padding makes the case travel friendly so you can pop it into your suitcase safely.

Pack contains: EM32 battey-powered stimulator, 4 x uni-polar ElectraPads. Connecting wire, 9-volt battery, Padded travel case and 1-year warranty.

About Electrastim

ElectraStim Stimulators are some of the highest-spec electro play units made especially for EES, and they're put together by us right here in the UK. We've used specialist tech and innovative ideas to create a range of electro sex toys to improve masturbation, foreplay and sex - regardless of your gender, relationship status, sexuality or sexual preferences.