Clean Light Laboratories Puritize UVee Home Play UV Lockable Rechargeable Toy Cleaner & Storage Container Onyx & Pearl


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uvee UV toy cleanerPlay. Sanitize. Charge. Repeat. The UVee Home Play is a cleaner, lockable way to get charged up and large enough for several toys.

The Clean Light Laboratories Puritize UVee Home Play UV Lockable Rechargeable Toy Cleaner & Storage Container in Onyx & Pearl is the World's Only Sanitizing, Charging & Locking Storage System for Adult Toys. Cleaned Up. Locked Up. Turned On. Scientifically tested by a master biochemist with years of experience, Puritize UVee’s patent-pending germicidal UV-C light system kills 99.9% of all germs that may cause infections associated with the use of adult toys. And it’s quick and easy to use! Simply wipe off your toy, place it inside the UVee chamber and close the lid. In just a few minutes your device will be clean, locked and recharging. Just plug it in. The Black Onyx & Pearl Puritize UVee Home Play is the largest of the 2 available products at 16.5 inches long, 8.75 inches wide and 5 inches deep so it will sit nicely on a bedside table, dresser or a bathroom counter with your sex toys safely locked inside.


  • 99.9% of all bacteria eliminated in just 5 minutes using the UV-C patent pending sanitizing process
  • Effective against bacteria, yeast, E.coli, Salmonella, strep, Pseudomonas and other microorganisms.
  • Child proof locking system to help keep products out of the wrong hands.
  • Three USB charging ports plus an additional outlet in the back to allow for non-USB devices.
  • Customizable interior dividers large enough to hold all of the most popular toys and keep them from touching each other during cleaning, charging and/or storing.
  • Designed to be discreet and easily left out on a night stand.
  • Includes special sensors to automatically start the cleaning process once a product is placed in the chamber and the lid is shut.

The Puritize UVee Home Play UV Light Powered Toy Cleaner & Storage Container is empowering toy users to take care of themselves by properly taking care of their toys Adult Toys can collect harmful bacteria that may cause infection. Proper cleaning of toys is crucial to avoid infections from germs and yeast-including STDs like chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, bacterial vaginosis, HIV and hepatitis B/C. While every toy manufacturer has a recommended way to clean toys, there’s never been a universal method to safely and effectively kill harmful bacteria and completely sanitize your toys. UV-C technology destroys cell walls and DNA to the point of no recovery for the bacterial population that are exposed to the UV-C rays. Scientifically tested by a master biochemist with years of experience in laboratory testing, UVee’s scientifically proven, patent-pending UV-C germicidal light system kills 99.9% of bacteria associated with the use of adult toys that may cause infections.

Other Cleaning Methods Don’t Sanitize: Boiling water poured over toys may kill some bacteria, but it has to stay in contact with the surface for minutes-not seconds. And because boiling water cools once it leaves the pot, it may not be-or stay-hot enough to kill all the bacteria. And placing the toys in water likely leads to damaged electronics. Further, toys need to be completely dry because any water retention becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Bottom line, you can clean your toys but without UV-C you can’t sanitize them. Dishwashers leave a bio-film and may damage electronics. Foams and Gels clean, but don’t kill 99.9% of certain bacteria found on toys. Alcohol and bleach solutions destroy the surface materials and can change the bodies natural pH balance. The UVee UV toy cleaner is available in a Go Play travel size or a Home Play that is larger and designed for home use.

Color: Black, White
Material: Plastic, Glass
Length: 16.5 inches
Width: 8.75 inch
Depth: 5 inch
Powered By: USB Rechargeable Battery Powered
Weight: 6.6 oz
Special Features: lockable case with combo lock, use UV-C light, lightweight, rechargeable with USB charge cable, sterilizes, disinfects, eliminate allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, Hygienically superior, body safe, phthalate free, user friendly, Warranty is 1 year limited & 5 year bulb