Sticker My Boobs! 100 Boobtastic Stickers for Adults by D.D. Stacks

Aaron Blake Publishers

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100+ stickers of Bounteous Boob and More!

Featuring the most popular bosomy images from Color My Boobs and Play With My Boobs, Sticker My Boobs offers over 100 stickers of busty beauties and playful phrases, with additional fun items like flowers, beach balls, puppies and snowflakes. An inventive icebreaker for all kinds of parties, especially bachelor and bachelorette affairs!

Author: D. D. Stacks
Publisher: Aaron Blake Publishers
Binding: Paperback
Length: 24 Pages

D.D. Stacks has had a long involvement with bosoms from an early age. Her spirit animal is an immature 13-year old boy who likes to color.