The Selfie Book: Taking and Making the Best Selfies, Belfies, Photobombs & More

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sterling publishingEveryone from the Pope to the President does it! A guide to the self-portrait photography phenomenon known as selfies includes tips on taking the best photos, how to photobomb other people's photos, and notable celebrity self-portraits.

The phenomenon known as the “selfie” is one of the most popular social networking trends the world has ever seen—and it shows no signs of slowing. Written by two celebrated style and popular-culture commentators, The Selfie Book delves deep into this online sensation—so you'll never have to post a disastrous shot again. It explores every area of the photographic phenomenon, including belfies, welfies, melfies, shelfies, and photobombs; explains how to get a perfect picture; and showcases some of the most notorious examples.

Author: Malcolm Craft & Carrie Barclay
Publisher: Sterling Publishing
Binding: Hardback
Length: 144 Pages

Malcolm Croft is a former music journalist and popular culture editor. Over the past 15 years he has spent time with many of the world's most exciting bands, from McFly to the Flaming Lips, Coldplay to Suede and everyone in between. He is author of "One Direction Confidential, 5SOS Ultimate Fan Guide, " and "The Selfie Book."

Carrie Barclay is an acclaimed lifestyle writer, who was named as one of the top five female bloggers in the UK by the Huffington Post in 2013. Carrie has also recently been short-listed as one of Red magazine's Red Women of the Year 2014 and is (proudly) responsible for over 350 selfies on her Instagram account. Carrie lives in London.