Sex Toys That Are Like Video Games

Sex Toys That Are Like Video Games

Posted by Tiffany Treadmore (AKA HotGirlVideos69) on 10th Sep 2021

When I am not slinging sex toys or attempting to be a Nintendo Leaker on Twitter, I can often be found laying under the covers with my Nintendo Switch, in bed, thrashing baddies and playing puzzle games until the wee hours of the morning. When I am not doing that I am treating my body like a warp pipe. Below are some of the toys I have been using lately, and the types of video games I am reminded of when I use them.

The Lovesense Quake

This little guy - HOO BOY - this remote controlled vibrator can be hooked up to an app and connected to bluetooth and allow for long-distance play. Similar to playing a co-op game online, you and a partner - or a room full of partners - can enjoy the session together with one person controlling the vibe and the other getting buzzed to satisfaction. Imagine playing couch co-op, but with your body.

The VibePad Rideable Vibrator

This thing is insane. Similar to the last toy it is remote controlled - but you can mount it. Like an ultra portal Sybian-style device, this rideable vibrator allows you to jump on top and then let a partner or yourself control the stimulation. In terms of video games this is like a Kart Racer, but the track is your cooch and the waggle controls are your boy toy. Highly recommended.

The Perfect Fit XPLAY GEAR Pro Shower Enema Kit

If you’re like me you love butt stuff. I like it A LOT, and I also like being very clean for both myself or a partner. This is the BEST shower enema kit I have used. In terms of video games this is a lot like a Pressure Washing Simulator - but you’re using your tub and the grime is literally grime. So, yeah. Get this. You will get a clean ass. It also feels good as hell.

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