Pelvic Floor Health

pelvic-floor-muscles-200x163.jpgkegel exercise and health products from Dallas NoveltyWhat is a kegel exercise? Where do I do it? How do I know if I’m doing it right? Even if you know, are you working this muscle regularly? It doesn’t hurt, but most people just don’t think about it. There are some really good reasons why you need to be sending a bit more love and attention right there.

The Kegel exercise is simply squeezing (in and up) the pubococcygeus, or PC, your pelvic floor muscle and is more effective for most with props such as Kegel Exercisers. These are the muscles we use to stop the flow of urination, but don’t practice while actually urinating, especially pregnant women who are more prone to urinary tract infections.

lelo-luna-kegel-balls-200x131.jpgThe pelvic floor muscle supports and keeps your internal organs in place. By doing your Kegel exercises you maintain the integrity of your PC muscle and: