Couples Co Exposed Booty Tape 20-Pack Black

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Couples Co intimate productsPerfect for the ass connoisseur or the vagina worshipper.

The Couples Co Exposed Booty Tape 20-Pack in Black holds your partner's butt cheeks apart for you, so you can enjoy deeper penetration, easy access and maximum exposure. Do you or your booty-loving partner find yourselves constantly having to hold butt cheeks apart in doggy style to get deeper vaginal or anal access?

how the Couples Co Exposed Booty Tape worksWhat about to get a better sneak peak or to stroke or finger the booty while having sex in doggy? Now, the Original Butt Cheek Spreader created by Couples Co can do the spreading for you, so hands are free to explore other cheeky things.

The forked end of the 8.4 inch long piece of body-safe, cotton tape is applied to the inner booty cheeks and secures around the hips. Butt cheeks get pulled up & out. The Booty Tape has a strong adhesive that keeps their cheeks open so you can focus on the deed. Other tapes not intended for skin contain harmful chemicals. For petite buns, you can trim off a few inches of the forked-end of the tape with scissors, to equally shorten the overall length of the tape.

The booty lover, the power bottom, butt pirate, pink taco eater, fetish night adventurer, slave & master, the exhibitionist, & the bearded oyster tickler can explore using Black Exposed Booty Tape. Made for straight couples, gay couples, lesbian couples, queer or trans couples and anyone in between, basically, the booty connoisseurs of the planet that love spicing up the bedroom. To add some kink to your intimacy, try adding it to roleplaying scenarios for an unforgettably *exposed* time!

Apply tape on your partner during foreplay so they're spread for action. The Couples Co Exposed Booty Tape holds booty cheeks apart for easy fingering, licking, penetrating. Forked tape holds butt cheeks apart by securing around hips. Spice up sexy time together with adventurous intimacy. Savor the look on your partner, friends or family member's faces when they receive their own Exposed Booty Tape.


  • Foreplay Application
  • Spice Up Date Night
  • Deeper Vaginal or Anal Sex
  • Explore Kinky Roleplaying + Bondage
  • Cheeky Gift Idea

PRO TIP: Slowly peel tape up at a corner. Hold skin down where tape is being pulled off with one hand, while gently pulling tape up with the other hand. Remove carefully. ***FOR STRONG ADHESIVE OR SENSITIVE SKIN: In cases of sensitive skin or when the tape is difficult to remove, rub olive oil or baby oil into the top of the tape to weaken the adhesive. Wait five minutes and then slowly remove.

CAUTION: Follow tape removal instructions for Strong Adhesive or Sensitive Skin if difficult to remove. If you have skin sensitivities, any illness, or are pregnant, consult your doctor before use. Applying tape improperly, applying on sensitive skin, overstretching or uncareful, quick removal may result in skin irritation or an abrasion. Discontinue use immediately if the user develops a mild skin allergic reaction, denoted by a stinging or burning skin sensation. Discontinue use if skin becomes sore or irritated. Do not apply Exposed Booty Tape over cuts or irritated skin. During use, there’s a rare possibility of color transfer to the skin as the product contains dyed fabric.

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