Sylvie Monthule Insertable Double Black Eggs, Black, Bow and Pendant with Gold Chain

Sylvie Monthule

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sylvie monthule luxury body jewelrySplendor and enjoyment of a single penetrating Bijou, both vaginal and anal, that will fulfill all your desires even the most demanding... The first egg breaks into your sex delight, the second, smaller curls perfectly into your anus. Two eggs, smooth and soft, perfectly still in place, secret...

Only Gold chain that connects between your lips and appears in the line of your buttocks. A jewel penetrating sublime to experience intense pleasure... ecstasies of madness! A jewel penetrating refined in every detail: from the front, the little black satin bow and hanging drop which moves between your thighs will be the highlight at your pleasure!

This seductively secret double penetration jewelry chain takes erotic body jewelry to a whole new level.  When you wear this jewelry, the double egg design will constantly stimulate the vagina and anus at the same time, allowing you to pleasure in the sensation of double penetration. The first egg vaginal egg at 34mm slips into your sex with delight, while the second, smaller anal egg that is 28mm secretly pleasures your anus. The two black eggs are perfectly shaped and smooth making them easy to insert into place. The penetrating eggs are connected by an exquisite 18k Gold jewelry chain, which rests between your lips and the line of your buttocks providing an erotic thrill, while a lovely black pendant gem with satin bow dangles down and teases your inner thighs.

Wear this sexy body jewelry out with your favorite skirt and you will be at the peak of orgasm all night long.

  • Jewelry Finish: 18k Gold plated(10 microns)
  • Two Insert able smooth resin gloss black eggs:
    • Vaginal Egg: 1.34 inch diameter (34mm) / 1.97" long
    • Anal Egg: 1.10 inch diameter  (28mm) / 1.57" long
  • Completely hypoallergenic
  • Use natural or water based lubricant to facilitate penetration

"Body Jewelry in harmony with one's self and nature." These insertable eggs are a work of renowned Parisian erotic artist, Sylvie Monthule in North America. All Sylvie Monthule items are handmade in France, with high quality materials.