Rimba Electrosex Bipolar Deluxe Leather Electro Penis & Ball Harness


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Rimba electric estim productsThe Rimba Electrosex Bipolar Deluxe Leather Electro Penis & Ball Harness is made of genuine nappa leather. This penis corset can be fastened by press buttons over 2 positions. This Leather Electro Penis & Ball Harness has metal studs connected to lead wires on the inside. Wear this jacked tight to the skin and a shock can be applied. Always be careful, do not use if skin is broken or irritated, when you have heart problems or are pregnant. Tip: use rimba contact gel ref # 3000 or a lubricant. The sound has a 2.5 mm jack plug that connects directly to all Rimba Power Box devices.

This item fits directly to all 3 Rimba power boxes (7850 / 7880 / 7890) Cable included.

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Deluxe leather penis band, neatly sewn edges for a smooth fit.
This accessory has a 2.5 mm male plug for use in Rimba power units.