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fleshlight girls male masturbator sex toysDallas Novelty is an Authorized FleshLight Retailer Reseller & Retail Operation since 2008.

Meet the ultimate in male self-gratification, the Fleshlight, known worldwide for mind-blowing self-gratification with intense realistic sensations, quality design and safe fantasy experiences. Get inside your favorite stars today with the FleshLight Girls!

Bring home the lifecast mold of Riley Reid's cute little tushy.

Known for her amazing ass, Riley Reid's Butt Euphoria Sensation Stroker will fulfill all of your deepest anal fantasies. Gripping you tightly at every inch, the wildly textured walls of her amazing backdoor were made for intense pleasure unlike anything you have ever felt before. You have to feel it to believe it. Every thrust deep inside the FleshLight Girls Riley Reid's Butt Euphoria Sensation Stroker makes for maximum pleasure, ensuring you the ultimate orgasm.

Riley Reid debuted as a Fleshlight Girl on January 1, 2016, and she quickly became one of the best-selling Girls of all-time. Riley Reid is undisputedly one of the industry’s hottest stars. She gives a stellar performance every time she is in front of the camera. A multiple AVN and XBIZ Award winner, Riley is the epitome of today’s all-American mega star: pretty, talented and well-rounded. 

Click to Verify! Dallas Novelty is an Authorized FleshLight Reseller and Retail Operation since 2008. Thanks to Fleshlight's amazing technology, you can now have sex with Riley Reid at your convenience anytime. She has two signature textures: Utopia Sensation and Euphoria Sensation, and her classic Lotus Sensation that started it all. The Utopia features a mold of Reid’s tight vagina, and this is one pocket pussy you won’t forget. The inside features a coiled design with dozens of pleasure pockets. The Riley Reid Fleshlight Euphoria model highlights Reid’s perky ass, and it will fulfill all of your deepest anal fantasies. The textured walls of the sleeve will grip you tightly at every inch, producing unbelievable orgasms. 

Riley Reid was born in Miami, Florida, on July 9, 1991, making her a Cancer. She is of Puerto Rican, Dominican, Welsh, Irish, Dutch, and German descent. Reid has a Kanji tattoo that runs down the entire length of her spine. The Chinese translation means, "When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade." She’s 5’4” and weighs a petite 107lbs. Her measurements are 34B-25-36 – you’ll want to enjoy every curve and nuance of her tight little body while using her Fleshlight. The pornstar Riley Reid won the XBIZ Awards for Best New Starlet in 2013 and Female Performer of the Year in 2014, making her the first performer to ever win both awards in consecutive years.

She also won every single XBIZ Award she was nominated for in 2014. In 2013, LA Weekly ranked her eighth on their list of “10 Porn Stars Who Could Be the Next Jenna Jameson.” She was also on CNBC's list of "The Dirty Dozen: Porn's Most Popular Stars" in 2014, 2015, and 2016. As one of the biggest porn stars of modern times, it’s nice to know Riley Reid plans to stay in the business for the foreseeable future and that she plans to be a strong role model for women. “I definitely see myself being here for a while and hopefully being a positive change, I want to stay natural. I want to promote natural. I want to promote natural beauty and intelligence.

fleshlight over 7 million soldWith it's classic flashlight-inspired design, your Fleshlight is a bit less obvious than your average sex toy. The Fleshlight case is more than just a clever disguise, this discreet self-pleasuring device features a threaded removable cap at the top that conceals the fleshy orifice or masturbation sleeve of your choice. On the bottom of your handheld pleasure device there is another removable end cap that allows you to adjust the tightness of your stroking experience.

Inside your Fleshlight pocket pussy, there's a combination of intricate textures designed specifically for pleasure. The narrow inner walls create an opening that's big enough for you to squeeze through, so you can relax. Once you've entered the fleshy confines of your chosen Fleshlight, a significant amount of suction was created. Some guys like this ultra sucking sensation but don't take that as a bad thing. If that feeling is a little too intense, just unscrew the endcap and adjust the pressure to your liking.

Live out your wildest fantasies by diving balls deep into the realistic orifice of your choosing, the attention to detail is amazing. The secret or magic juju of the Fleshlight all the way back to the prototype built in a garage in Austin, Texas is the patented removable signature Superskin inner sleeve. The Superskin is what really brings this masturbator to life, the silky material feels so much like actual human skin, it's unreal. Reacting to heat much like your skin does, Superskin can absorb heat from your body or soaking your sleeve in warm water for an even more life-like experience. The FleshLight Accessories Sleeve Warmer upgrade device warms your Superskin sleeve to a sensual temperature that even further mimics the feel of a real-life sexual experience.

Wedge the firm casing between couch cushions or pillows to ride hands-free, or try out a specially designed mount that simulates sexual positions like doggie stylemissionary and guy-on-top (sold separately in our Fleshlight section). The PhoneStrap can be used to Discreetly watch your favorite pornstar without having to hold or prop up your phone or tablet. Keep your phone or mini tablet handy as a "second screen" while watching TV. Video chat with your partner from a more suggestive angle that can show more than your face. You can add some accessories like the LaunchPad Device for Tablets for even more fun on the go. The Fleshlight Kiiroo Launch Bluetooth-Enabled Rechargeable Automatic Stroking Machine offers a fully automated Fleshlight experience for manual use or by connecting your toy to the interactive world.

To keep it all in the family you can also get the Fleshlight Fleshlube Water Water-based Liquid Lubricant or some Slide Water-based Gel Lubricant, maybe try some Fleshlube Fire Water-based Warming Lubricant to add some heat or some Fleshlube Ice Water-based Cooling Lubricant to chill out with a favorite video. Making for quick clean-up, the entire unit easily disassembles and sleeve can be turned inside out without causing damage. To clean your Fleshlight and have it ready for the next session, rinse thoroughly with warm water, avoid using any soap, for tougher cleaning jobs, try the FleshLight Fleshwash Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner it works well. 

It's important to let the insert dry completely before storing it away, to help make drying easier use the Pleasure Products USA Absorbing Drying Wand for Male Masturbators & Strokers that just slides in. With regular use, the sleeve might get a bit sticky, if this happens, just sprinkle it liberally with cornstarch or FleshLight Renewing Powder to restore softness, to store it also coat it lightly with other equivalent renewing powder like Cyberskin Renew Powder or Main Squeeze Refresh Powder. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Info about Riley Reid:

  • Hometown: Miami Florida
  • Birthday: July 9th, 1991
  • Sign: Cancer
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 107 lbs
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Bra Size: 34B

What You Get:

  • Our patented Clear SuperSkin masturbation sleeve with a specifically-designed Riley Reid Euphoria Butt inner canal texture
  • Length: 10 inch
  • Insertable Length: 8 inches
  • Exclusive FleshLight Girls Case
  • Trial-size lubricant

As a kid, the pornstar Riley Reid moved around Florida quite a bit, living in Tampa, Carol City, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. She also wasn’t quite what you would expect from a young Riley Reid, saying, “I was a very silly adventurous tomboy … I’d climb trees, dig in the dirt, put on make-up and run around naked.” Okay, so that last part sounds very true to form! She attended Florida International University, where she majored in psychology, intending to go into teaching. Aren’t you glad she didn’t?! Before entering the adult film industry, Riley Reid worked a stripper for a couple of months. She then began filming porn in 2011 at the age of 19. Here are Riley Reid’s own words as to why she got into the business, “I was in a troubling situation where I had no job no money and bills to pay. I didn’t have a boyfriend and I had a crazy high sex drive so I took the opportunity to make fast money. Never did I expect to take off the way I have.” She initially went by the name Paige Riley, and her first scene was an extra for the movie “In the VIP” from Reality Kings.

Today she has performed in over 300 films. Some of the studios that Reid has filmed with include Evil Angel, Mile High, Smash Pictures, FM Concepts, Elegant Angel, New Sensations, and Jules Jordan Video. Riley Reid is very mindful of being noticed or catcalled when she’s in public. “I know he's looking at my ass. Sometimes I turn and look just to see and they'll be like, ‘Oh, she caught me.’ I've always been whistled at. I've always had cars honking. I would always kind of resent when a guy would look at me in a very vulgar way even though I'm very sexual. And now, I want the average gentleman walking down the street to check me out,” Reid continued, “Now I don't mind saying hello to the chubby guy with the glasses and his belly popping out of his shirt a little bit. That's the guy that I want to touch his hand and be like, ‘Are you having a good day?’ I want to bring positivity to these guys.” 

In 2014, Riley Reid did her first interracial sex scene in Mandingo Massacre 6, for which she won an AVN Award. Reid has won numerous other awards, including Female Performer of the Year from AVN in 2016. In 2016, Reid revealed that her family knows about her line of work and how she bonded with one family member over it. She said, “My family does know I do porn, and they are really chill about my job. It was weird in the beginning and sometimes it’s still weird. I remember I was having a conversation with my grandmother, and I was telling her I’m in the industry and I hadn’t done anal at the time. And I was like, ‘Grandma, all these girls tell me they have anal orgasms and all this stuff, and I don’t know if I can ever be there’ because at the time I wasn’t enjoying it and I really wanted to, but I wasn’t there. And my grandmother was like ‘I used to love having anal sex!’ and I was like ‘what?!’” What are you waiting for, purchase the Riley Reid Fleshlight today! Regarding sexual positions, Riley Reid has shared that she has different preferences depending on whether she’s on or off camera. “I love cowgirl, personally. Porno sex is just so different from personal sex. My favorite porno position is probably reverse but in my personal life, I really like cowgirl. Unless it’s like ‘Sweet Sinner’ where it’s a romantic feature, it’s hard to get that same effect. With porn, I really like being on display.” Here’s the question many of you men must be asking: what kind of boyfriend is Reid looking for? She says he should be “family oriented … I want someone who can come over and throw the football with my little brother … someone who can handle situations in a good way and that communication is key.” Riley Reid is undisputedly one of the industry’s hottest stars.