Creative Conceptions Sexopoly Board Game

Creative Conceptions

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authorized retailer creative conceptions games & accessoriesSexopoly is a board game of strategy and luck to be enjoyed by couples, friends very good friends!

The Creative Conceptions Sexopoly Board Game is a chance for those who enjoy intimate sexy games to lose those inhibitions and have some fun! Each throw of the dice will move you around the board, purchasing and managing businesses with the aim of making the most profit within the adult industry.

Beware the 'Risky' or 'Frisky' cards in Sexopoly which can help or hinder your progress by relieving you of your money, clothes and inhibitions or tempt you with more riches by performing sexy challenges. Be prepared to sharpen your business acumen whilst having a great time! The Creative Conceptions Sexopoly Board Game is a lot of fun for a group of friends, very good friends and who knows, you might even consider a change of career after you've played!