CleanStream Silicone Anal Catheter with Double Inflatable Bulb Enema Nozzle


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cleanstream anal cleaning accessoriesThis enema system is designed for people who want to take their enema play to that next level and make enema play more enjoyable.

This system is designed to create the fullness of a butt plug combined with the liquid-feeling pleasures of enema play. The nozzle is inserted, into the anus, just past the first balloon so when it's inflated the internal balloons create a full sensation while the outside balloon creates a seal. At that point, the liquid can be transferred inside using the bag system or an in-line accelerator. Each bulb has an integrated release valve for quick deflation and easy removal. Small bulb holds 250 CCs of air, large 750 CCs. Note: Compatible with the Water Bottle Cleansing Kit, Water Bottle Douche Kit, and In-Line Accelerator Bulb. Get cleansed and a good fill with this great new enema piece!

Be Confident. Be Prepared. The CleanStream brand is a collection of enema accessories ranging from affordable disposable applicators to high-end drip bag systems.


  • Entire Piece: Approximately 17.5 inches in total length.
  • Large Bulb: Approximately 5 inches in length and 3 inches wide or 9.42 in circumference when pumped to max size.
  • Mid Bulb: Approximately 1.75 inches in length and 2 inches or 6.28 inches in circumference when pumped to max size.

Materials: Silicone (Tubing), Chrome Plated Brass (Valves) and Latex (Pumps).