Glyde SlimFit Ultra Thin Lubricated 49mm Snug Fit Condoms 12 Pack

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glyde certified ethical, vegan & Fair Trade premium condomsForget vanity marketing.

The truth is approximately 35% of men need a smaller, tighter profile tailored condom and Glyde SlimFit provides snug-fitting reliability and natural comfort. For over 20 years SlimFit is the 'go-to' for a body-friendly chemical-free 49mm condom.

The Glyde SlimFit Ultra Thin Lubricated 49mm Snug Fit Condoms 12 Pack is 1.9 inches or 49mm wide and 6.69 inch long or 170mm so they will fit even the largest gentlemen. Because Glyde measures the inner not outer circumference, so you'll get a little more room to breathe. The Glyde SlimFit Ultra Thin Lubricated 49mm Snug Fit Condoms are made with our proprietary blend of natural plant-based formula of  thistle extract and rubber latex, and our patented ‘double dipping’ technology, Glyde Certified Ethical & Vegan Condoms are crafted for performance -- which feels sensational for both partners.

  •     No casein, talc, parabens or spermicides
  •     Lightly lubricated with an extra sheer and silky texture
  •     Double washed to eliminate unpleasant latex odor
  •     Exceed global requirements for strength and resilience
  •     Certified Ethical & Vegan by the Vegan Society
  •     Non-GMO fair trade natural rubber
  •     FDA and CE approved
  •     Available in 12-packs or 100 count value packs


  • Width: 1.9 inch / 49mm.
  • Length: 6.69 inch / 170mm

Package Quantity: 12 Glyde SlimFit Condoms Per Box
Material: Natural Rubber Latex made with sustainably harvested natural rubber, chemical-free, certified ethical, vegan & Fair Trade, Lightly Lubricated