Joyboxx + Playtray Antimicrobial Intimate Toy Storage Box System Purple


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joyboxx toy storageThe Joyboxx is more than just a toy box it’s a complete system!

The Joyboxx + Playtray Antimicrobial Intimate Toy Storage Box System in Black, the world's first hygienic storage system designed to handle pleasure products before, during and after use. Hide Joyboxx in plain sight, under the bed, closet, or drawer and it blends right in without any branding. The food-grade plastic and discreet, unisex design are completed with a rich sophisticated matte finish. Joyboxx fits in most nightstand drawers and with 11.33 inches inside there is room for many smaller products or several large ones. We can get 11 + products inside. *Note the Hitachi Original Magic Wand does not fit.

Protect yourself, toys and furniture with Playtray! Set your toy or lube on the removable Playtray before and after use, then clean at your leisure. If you don’t have time to clean right away, set it back inside Joyboxx without worry. Antimicrobial agent helps prevent microbe growth such as; bacteria, virus, mold and fungus. 10 hidden ventilation holes plus the USB charging hole help evaporate moisture if you put your products away wet or if lubrication spills. Use a mild cleaner or put Joyboxx in your dishwasher when needed. The Joyboxx is available in Black and Purple.

Most of the Fabric toy storage bags are not very hygienic and vinyl, PVC, UV light or other materials can create an unpleasant “chemical meltdown” reaction with some toys, so Joyboxx is your only safe storage option. Put your adult toys away dirty and wet and they will dry inside Joyboxx without bacteria, fungus, virus or germ growth. Charge your vibrators and other electronics out of sight. Great for discreetly hiding anything in the home or while traveling such as; vibrators, cell phones, handcuffs, cannabis, vapes, medications, bathroom products, supplements, food and more.

  • Includes a FREE PLAYTRAY Dishwasher Safe
  • PVC, BPA & Phthalate Free
  • Fits most sex toy products
  • Food-grade, non-porous, recyclable plastic
  • Discreet USB toy charging port hole
  • Sophisticated Unisex Design
  • Antimicrobial agent mixed into plastic
  • Easy access top compartment for small items
  • Child resistant, removable, quiet sliding lock
  • Strong mini combo lock included for 100% security
  • Fits inside most nightstands and drawers
  • Protected ventilation holes helps moisture evaporate and keeps dust out

What makes the solid purple Joyboxx different is the black slider lock color instead of black. “The femme design makes it very appealing to female customers and it fills a big need. Be on top of the sexual wellness movement with these innovative new tools that help customers protect their passion at an affordable price! MORE THAN A BOX IT'S A SYSTEM: dishwasher safe; pvc, bpa & phthalate free; food-grade, non-porous plastic; antimicrobial silver ion agent mixed into plastic; easy access top compartment for small items; child resistant, removable, quiet sliding lock; mini combo lock included for 100% security; protected ventilation holes help moisture evaporate and keep dust out; discreet usb toy charging hole; sophisticated unisex design; fits most products; fits inside most nightstands and drawers; includes playtray.

The portable PLAYTRAY is an adult toy coaster/wash/dry rack all-in-one! Use it as an internal JOYBOXX divider that sits firmly on the main tubs' "fluid spill barrier rail" for toy separation and organization. *Please note JOYBOXX & PLAYTRAY are NOT self-cleaning; body fluids and lubricants must still be washed off products. Available in either black or purple.Discreet ventilation allows moisture to evaporate if you don’t have time to clean or dry your toys right away. The additional antibacterial additive in the food-grade, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free plastic that helps prevent bacteria growth.

Color: Purple, Black
Material: Food-grade ABS Plastics
Length: 12.6 inch(external), 11.25 inch(internal)
Depth: 5.5 inch(external), 5.5 inch(internal)
Width: 5 inch(external), 3.5 inch(internal)
Weight: 18 oz
Special Features: hidden usb charging port, washable playtray, hide your sex toys, discreet looking box, Patent Pending, Hygienic, Antimicrobial, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate Free, Discreet, unisex design, Hidden Ventilation, Lockable, Dishwasher Safe, Easy Access Top Compartment, Includes Playtray

*Please note this is not a dishwasher box or “self-cleaning” (you still have to remove body fluids and lubricants) but it is a solution for the real way people use their adult pleasure products.