Doc Johnson Intimate Awkward Essentials Starter Set

Doc Johnson

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authorized retailer doc johnson awkward essentialsEverything you need for a busy weekend!

The Doc Johnson Intimate Enhancements Awkward Essentials Starter Set includes 5 Dripsticks designed to absorb excess cum after sex, 1 (not-for-hands) Hand Towel, and a .35 oz tube of Doc Johnson Intimate Enhancements G-Spot Gel, all in a discreet travel bag.

  • 5 Dripsticks
  • 1 Awk Towel (not-for-hands) Hand Towel
  • Doc Johnson Intimate G-Spot Gel
  • discreet travel Essentials Bag
  • Proudly Made in America

The Dripstick aka the cum sponge is the original after-sex sponge for absorbing excess cum. It’s a super soft, medical-grade sponge that quickly soaks up gooey leftovers to eliminate drippy discomfort. Not for your butt. The sponge is made from medical grade polyurethane (this is the same material as some condoms, the contraceptive sponge, and various hospital instruments!) and polypropylene handle. there are no additives.

The Awk Towel is 15"x18" and made of a signature 100% cotton terry velour hand towel (that's not for hands) to add to your collection. :)

Treat your G right with exciting Intimate Spot-On G-Spot Stimulating Gel, a silky formula that intensifies sensation in and around this treasure trove of nerve endings on the top wall of the vagina. When the G-spot is more sensitive, it makes seeking more likely to end in finding, which is particularly useful if you're just starting to explore G-spot stimulation. To apply this odorless, tasteless, natural-ingredient-packed gel, just dab a small amount to a finger (either yours or your partner's), and rub it carefully into the inner vaginal tissue, concentrating on the upper wall.

The Essentials Bag can be used as a travel case, makeup bag, or store your dripsticks in here! It is 4 x 7 x 2.25 inches - perfect for a dozen dripsticks on the go. It is fully lined, waterproof, travel bag for toiletries, cosmetics, makeup, and more.

Color: Black
Material: Wax
Length: 6.25 inch(overall)
Inside Diameter:
Width: .75 inch(overall)
Powered By: you
Weight: 6 oz
Special Features: 3 colors, body safe, phthalate free, user friendly, body-safe, silicone

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