Pipedream Toys Diamond Dream Lipdick Pecker-shaped Lipstick 12-piece Set

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pipedream productsColor those DSL's with our luscious Pecker-shaped Lipsticks or LipDicks!

The Pipedream Toys Diamond Dream Lipdick Pecker-shaped Lipstick 12-piece Set is a uniquely shaped collection of lipstick are rich in color and pecker shaped complete with a veiny shaft and perfect mushroom head just like a small penis. Each box of Diamond Dream penis-shaped lipstick contains 12 lipsticks with an array of color from Hooker Reds, Creamy Pinks, Sparkly Mauves, and Opal Rouge. The case for each color Lipdick has a clear phallic-shaped top with a twist bottom and gold foil script on a clear cover so you can see the color easily. They are great for a conversation starter, gag gifts and they are always a welcome addition at any bachelorette party. Always Made in the USA!

not-seen-on-tvColor: Clear/Gold, Multi-Colored
Materials: Plastic
Size: standard lipstick size