LELO Luna Beads Mini-Beads Mini Kegel Exercise Ball System


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For women seeking stronger orgasms and more intense intimate sensations, the LUNA Beads are the bestselling pleasure bead system in the world. The LUNA is a duotone system meaning there is a smaller bead in the larger beads that allows for a passive workout of your PC muscles. The LELO LUNA Beads Mini Kegel Exercise Ball System is recommended for women under 30 years old who have never experienced childbirth. Gently and secretly vibrating in response to your body’s movements, these interchangeable weighted vaginal beads are perfect for helping you on the road to stronger, more intense climaxes.

The LUNA Beads Mini Ben Wa Balls are the perfect pleasure product for longer, stronger orgasms. Experience more satisfying sex with the larger Classic Beads that can be used for foreplay, or over time to strengthen orgasm intensity. Most women start off with one pink Luna Bead or ball, but after a few days you can work up to two ball, using the white silicone harness. It doesn't take long for this training to become a little easy, and so then it is time to move up to the heavier blue balls. You can use them daily or even sometimes twice a day ;) and keep them in for as long as you can.

After you get the hang of inserting and removing the LUNA Beads, most women stopped using the 3 inch long harness pretty quickly because they prefer how they feel inside their vagina, bumping against each other for a delightful, sometimes surprise. Some people like the security of the cradle to make sure they won't be too difficult to retrieve.

There are multiple weights for different combinations, each set of pleasure beads comes with four interchangeable beads, with two different weights for variable sensations. What’s more, they’re available in two sizes for tailored pleasure, Classic and Mini. The LUNA Beads Classic are generally preferred by women who’ve given birth and LUNA Beads Mini is recommended for women under 30 years old who have never experienced childbirth.

How LELO’s Luna Beads work to help strengthen PC muscles. The PC muscle is a sling-like set of muscles that form the pelvic floor and support the pelvic organs. The Luna Beads Classic are 36 mm or 1.42 inch versus the Luna Beads Mini that are 29mm or 1.14 inch. Luna Beads are designed as a convenient exercise aid to strengthen those muscles and gain voluntary control over the pelvic floor to increase circulation, help prevent incontinence, and enhance sexual pleasure.

Build strength over time. Made with body-safe, phthalate-free silicone, this silicone rubber-silenced set of two 28 gram or .99 oz petal pink and two 37 gram or 1.31 oz powder blue Beads is intended to develop increased resistance over time. Using the Luna Beads internally while walking, running or swimming, creates discreet kinetic vibrations that stimulate the pelvic floor muscles to contract. You can use the beads individually or use the medical-grade silicone girdle to hold two beads at a time. This allows you to find the combination that suits you best and allows you to build up resistance as the PC muscles strengthen.

LELO prides itself on offering the best.
The Luna Bead system comes in an elegant gift box and satin pouch, complete with user manual and full 1-year LELO warranty. Swedish company LELO prides itself on offering only the most stylish and sophisticated personal massagers and accessories. Each is pure luxury, created for your individual enjoyment. Unique in both design and in how they are experienced, LELO products bring the art of relaxation to vibrant life.

All of the LELO Luxury toys are made with the highest quality medical grade silicone and ABS Plastics, this type of material is phthalates-free and non porous, making it safe for the body and easy to clean. Just add your favorite water-based lubricant and have a wet n wild time. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone
Finish: glossy
Girdle size: Mini 75x30x10mm or 2.95 inch x 1.18 inch x .39 inch
Bead size: Mini - 29mm or 1.14 inch
Weight: 2 x 28 grams or .99 oz (petal pink) / 2 x 37 grams or 1.31 oz (powder blue)

Care for yourself with Luna Beads from LELO. Available now at DallasNovelty.com