Boy Butter Comfort Cream Desensitizing Water-based Personal Lubricant 6 oz Tube

Boy Butter

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boy butter lubesHelp you find greater comfort with penetration, manage pre-mature ejaculation or push beyond your wildest limits with the Comfort Cream!

The Boy Butter Comfort Cream Desensitizing Water-based Personal Lubricant in a 6 oz Tube is a desensitizing water-based gel lubricant made with 5% Benzocaine, a local anesthetic. These Ingredients of the Boy Butter Comfort Cream are homogenized like real butter and the end result is a personal lubricant that will numb the fun parts and last as long as any oil-based or silicone-based. Mixed into a creamy texture, eliminating the stickiness associated with other lubricants, as long lasting as silicone lubricants yet washes off with water alone. Better yet, it washes off with water alone, from both skin and fabric.

Indications: Helps in the prevention of premature ejaculation. For temporary male genital desensitization helping to slow the onset of ejaculation. helps in temporarily slowing the onset of ejaculation. For reducing over-sensitivity in the male in advance of intercourse.

Directions: Apply a small about to head and shaft of penis or anus before intercourse or use as directed by a physician. After use this lubricant is easily cleaned up, just carefully wash the toy and/or your body with a mild soap and warm water or use a Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Warnings: Premature ejaculation may be due to a condition requiring medical supervision. If this product uses as directed does not provide relief, discontinue use and consult a physician. Avoid contact with the eyes. If you or your partner develop a rash or irritation such as burning or itching, discontinue use. If symptoms persist consult a physician.

Size: 6 ounce tube
Active Ingredient: 5% Benzocaine.
Ingredients: Deionized Water, Propylene Glycol, Coconut Oil, Stearic Acid, Isopropyl Palmitate, Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride, Soya Oil, Cetyle Alchohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20 Glycol Stearate, Dimethicone 100, PEG-100, Sodium Hydroxide, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Fragrance.

Boy Butter Personal Lubricant is a revolutionary, water-soluble, super-slick, smooth and creamy vegetable oils and silicone blended lubricant. Try squeezing some into your tight agenda today. Latex condom compatible. Made in the USA.