Empowered Products Gun Oil Loaded Silicone/Water-based Hybrid Cream Lubricant 3.3 oz Tube

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gun oil personal lubricantBring the newest breed of hybrid-performance to your bedroom arsenal.

Our all-source intelligence has created the ultimate combination of cream, water, and silicone advancements giving you explosive results like never before. Great for any operational maneuver, this ultra-smooth, white and creamy formula goes the distance and prevents the need for refueling.

Plastic tube holds 3.3 oz. of lube.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol (Humectant/Moisture), Dimethicone (Silicone/Lubrication), Isopropyl Palmitate (Thickening), Cetearyl Alcohol (Emulsifier), Hydroxyethylcellulose (Emulsifier/Enhance Moisture), Polysorbate-60 (Emulsifier), Disodium EDTA (Stabilizer), Glyceryl Stearate (Emulsifier), Sorbitan Stearate (Emulsifier), Butylated hydroxytoluene (Antioxidant), Diazolidinyl Urea (Anti-Microbial), Methyl/Propyl paraben (Anti-Microbial).

"As a platoon commander, it was part of my job to keep 19-year-old Marines from killing themselves or getting too depressed," Fraser recalls from his Gulf War experience. "We were out in the desert. If you wanted to jerk off, you couldn't go anywhere. We built a "Whack Shack" in a two-story bomb shelter so Marines could have some private time and do a little self-love."

The Whack Shack became popular and the need for lubrication increased. The gun oil in the butt-plate of an M-16 gave Fraser an idea, "That's where you'd keep your rags, your ramrod and CLP, which is basically a dimethicone-based lube. We used it for everything - especially jerking off. I remember thinking the military-issue gun oil was a really good lube and I said that someday I'd bring this out to the public."