Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Bowtie Cuffs

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fetish fantasy limited edition 2014 series by PipedreamGet tied up in romance with these beginners-friendly Bowtie Cuffs.

These playful cuff and and ankle restraints are perfect for beginners yet strong enough to ensure your lover won't escape. The soft, cushy cuffs feel great against the skin and easily adjust by velcro to fit most sizes.

When the blockbuster movie event of 2015 hits the big screen, will you have all the gear from the world's best-selling bondage line? With over 2 million units sold since the book's initial release, Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition continues to be the premiere introductory fetish collection in the world. The couples-friendly beginner assortment features something for everyone, from first-timer furry cuffs and hogties to silicone vibrating nipple clamps and feathers.

Color: Black
Materials: Polyester
Includes: Polyester cuffs with velcro closures