Frisky Do Me Sex Position Support Sling with Leg Restraints


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frisky bondage gearEnjoy the sexual variety with this Do Me Sex Position Sling. Gone are the days of legs high in the air, straining to keep them up until you are finished.

One of the enjoyable parts of sex is being able to put yourself in different positions; however, even some of the most stimulating of positions could cause faster fatigue. The Do Me Sex Position Sling is your companion to make those positions easier to enjoy. With this ultra sturdy sex support sling, you can explore a variety of sexual positions, comfortably! Simply slip the neck piece behind your head and position so that the straps are even at the bottom, then secure your feet with the adjustable Velcro ankle cuffs. Now you are ready for the ride of your life! Made of durable nylon and designed to work with most body types and shapes. The stirrup straps are fully adjustable, with a maximum length of 44 inches. This easy to use light bondage support harness is perfect for our older or even mobility challenged customers who need a little extra support to be comfortable during intercourse.

Measurements: Each strap measures 44 inches in total length, each cuff adjusts up to 10 inches in circumference.
Material: Nylon, plastic, neoprene, velcro.
Color: Black.
Note: Kit includes 2 ankle cuffs with velcro closures and a behind the back strap system.
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