Frisky Professional-Grade Chrome Dance Stripper Pole


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Frisky Sex ToysPut on a naughty show while your lover watches desperately! Seduce your lover with a sexy dance and a striptease!

This classic element of temptation can be installed anywhere in your home to create an enhanced sensual atmosphere and trust that it will be sturdy enough to perform pole tricks. Put on a sensual song and move your hips in a seductive dance around the pole. Your partner will have a hard time getting the image out of their head! Practice your sexiest dance and then put on a show that they will never forget! Slink around the professional-grade pole while your lover watches you ravenously, aroused with desperation to touch you. Slowly take off your clothes until your partner can’t take it anymore! Enrich your sexual endeavours with an element of foreplay that is always at the ready! This pole is easy to assemble, held in place by pressure between your floor and ceiling.

Without extenders, the pole adjusts from 88 to 93.5 inches, the two extenders measure 4.9 and 9.8 inches, to allow for a possible 108.25 inches in total height. For easier and faster mobility, the pole has the option of spinning, but you can also tighten it so that it stays still. You will love having a pole in your home for those nights of naughtiness or even a provocative party! It is extremely sturdy and reliable.

Color: Silver Chrome
Materials: Steel
Size: Without extenders, the pole adjusts from 88 to 93.5 inches; Two extenders measure 4.9 and 9.8 inches, to allow for a possible 108.25 inches in total height.
Powered By: You
Weight: 32 pounds
Additional Information: sturdy construction, adjustable, body-safe, Phthalate Free, Water Based Lubricant Recommended
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