Little Genie Stick Figure Valentine Candy Heart Box

Little Genie Productions

MSRP: $19.99
(You save $12.00 )

little genie productions adult gamesNaughty stick figures made for a fun conversation piece and a great Valentine gift for Lovers.

With the Little Genie Stick Figure Valentine Candy Heart Box you get 3 ounces of colorful candy hearts in a paper heart Valentine box. Everyone likes a heart candy box, but everyone will LOVE a heart candy box with naughty little stick figures doing inappropriate sex poses. This box will serve as a great snack, laughter and possibly be a silent hint to get you lucky.

Special Features: Approximately 84 pieces of UNPRINTED, heart-shaped, fruit-flavored candy per 3 oz. (86g) box.

For more than a decade, Little Genie Productions has been consistently turning out products that promote fun and enhance intimacy. With uncompromising attention to detail, Little Genie’s owner, Tiffany Lysene, has made the Little Genie Productions brand synonymous with quality products that encourage playfully intimate encounters.

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