Master Series Triple Locking CBT Penis Ring Weights

Master Series

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Master Series Fetish Bondage Gear

Lock in a super erection with the Triple Locking Cock Ring.

Enjoy locking in your partner's erection with this unique device. Not only does it keep the erection harder for a longer period of time like a cock ring but can be locked into place. The weight of the steel rings will remind him that his cock is under your servitude and will stay attached until you decide to release him. A longer-lasting erection means deeper penetration, longer-lasting sex and more stimulation and pleasure for themselves and their partner.

Each of the rings are placed around the cock and balls. Together they form a 3-Ring system that will help keep the erection lasting longer. Once each of the rings are on then they are secured together using the small metal rod. A padlock is placed through the metal rod, once the rod is placed through all three rings. Buy your padlock.

In the way that this triple cock ring is designed, you'll also be able to push your partner's scrotum forward. With all three rings you'll push out the scrotum a bit and place a good deal of weight. However, if the push distance and the weight are too much for your partner to handle, the included spacer allows for the use of two of the rings instead of three

Measurements: Small is 1.625" inside diameter, Medium is 1.75" inside diameter and Large is 2" inside diameter, all are .5 inch thick
Weight: 4.64 oz (Small); 5.01 oz (Medium); 5.17 oz (Large)
Material: Chrome Plated Alloy
Color: Silver
Note: Buy your padlock now(not included)

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