Mystim 47 inch Electrode Estim Extension Cable


MSRP: $34.99
(You save $11.00 )

mystim high quality electrosex estim gearThis 47 inch long cable is perfect for those that need some extra length on their favorite MyStim Electrosex Electro stimulation device or power box.

The Mystim electrode cables connect any manufacturer‘s self-adhesive or permanent electrodes as well as all toys ending in a 2 mm plug to the MyStim e-stim devices. The connectors are a Mystim round plug (male) on one side and a pair of 2 mm plugs (male) on the other. Each pack contains two cables.

Length: 47 inches or 120 cm

This mystim product has the following connections available.

Mystim round plug (male)Mystim round plug (male)
Mystim 2 mm plug (male)Mystim 2 mm plug (male)

Safety, Care and Usage
Always clean your Mystim John buttplugs before and after use with warm water and soap. Pat dry.

Please Note: Mystim accessories can only be used with the Mystim power units unless otherwise specified.