Rimba Electrosex 4-piece Unipolar Adjustable Silicone Cockring Set


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Rimba electric estim productsThis Rimba Electro Play conductive ring set will fit almost every size guy and give your lover that tingle.

This set contains 4 rings and a cable with 4 press button connectors. The silicone material is flexible and can be cut by knife or scissors to adjust to preferred size. Individual rings are uni-polar so one need to wear at least two rings to create shock therapy.

This item fits directly to all 3 Rimba power boxes (7850 / 7880 / 7890) Together in use these clamps are bi-polar. Each individual clamp is uni-polar. Cable included. Warning: Don't put 2 plugs into one clamp, because you will create a short and as a result no shocks will be felt.